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7:00pm -10:00pm only

Running on Saturday nights at LOVE MACHINE – 228 MALVERN RD PRAHRAN, Australia.  This is a great way to check out some hunks strutting their stuff.  This is a male strip club that has men strippers and men topless waiters. So if you just want to come have a gander at some hunky Melbourne strippers and topless waiters come check out Magic Men “FEEL THE MAGIC”.

LOVE MACHINE Nightclub Male Revue


 A. GENERAL ENTRY$25Ticket allows entry, standing only. A glass of champagne and finger food served by hunky waiters.BOOK NOW
 B. GENERAL SEATING (SILVER)$45Ticket allows reserved Silver seating for the show. A glass of champagne and finger food served by hunky waiters.BOOK NOW
 C. PRIORITY SEATING (GOLD)$65Ticket allows reserved Gold seating for the show. A glass of champagne and finger food served by hunky waiters.BOOK NOW
 D. VIP SEATING (PLATINUM)$85Priority entry into the venue. Best seats in the house, 2 glasses of champagne and finger food served by hunky waiters. Priority entry into the venue (no lining up)


A night out on the town is great, you can visit bars and mingle with men, but it can lack a little lustre. If you’re after a wicked night out that’ll keep you on your toes and leave your face aching from all the laughing, then you need to seriously consider a night at HUNKS ON HENS Male Strip Show. It is a place like no other. 

 So, whatever the theme of your approaching big night, whether it’s your hens party or you’re thinking about something wild for your birthday bash, it could even be your divorce party, start thinking striptease. This will guarantee you the night you’ve been dreaming of and where fantasies become realities. 

If you’ve not been lucky enough to visit a male strip show Melbourne before, though, here are the top 10 reasons why it is just what you’re looking for.

Here are The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Night At The Club

  1. They’re so hot

Firstly and foremost, we must talk about the serious eye candy you’ll be witnessing. Until you see them in the flesh, it’s impossible to contemplate just how delicious they are. You can see from their pictures that they have looks and bodies to die for. When they start moving, however, it’s a whole new ball game. They’re slick, and they’re smooth, and they’ll send shivers up and down your spine.

  1. You’ll be treated

A night at Male Revue is a treat from beginning to end. Everything about it is unique and special and you’ll feel the love from the moment you enter. What’s more, on arrival, the hotties will greet you with a complimentary glass of champagne- the perfect way to break the ice.

  1. Food is included

Speaking of treats, lucky ladies, spending a night at the male strip club offer you the delights of a delectable hot buffet to fill you up before the main event. There’ll be hot dogs, chips and much more to choose from; just make sure you chat to the team if you have any dietary requirements. It’s worth making the most of the food, so you have enough energy to keep up with the excitement of the night!

  1. You’ll be served by some seriously buff bartenders

Not only do you have the thrill of the main event to look forward to, but you also have the luxury of sensational topless waiters all around you- serving food, pouring drinks, and playing games. Make sure you arrive on time, so you don’t miss out on this fun. To make the most of the night, make sure you join in with the flirting, the banter and remember to take as many selfies as will fit on your phone.

  1. The show!

Oh, the show! The performance is a magical masterpiece full of twists and turns. As the lights go down, you’re bound to feel the excitement rise and once the striptease begins, I doubt you’ll stop yourself from screaming along with the crowd. When the lights go down, the treat of two fabulous hours of the male strippers removing their clothes slowly and seductively begins, and if it’s your special night, they might even invite you on stage for some extra love and attention. 

  1. It’s not the end

Once the lights come back on, don’t despair, the night is still young. All tickets include free entry to the after-show party, where you can let yourself loose and dance until the early hours of the morning.

  1.  The Best Package

Male Revue Melbourne has a bachelorette package that is sure to tick all of your boxes. With our private function rooms, you can choose two topless waiters and a stripper to make your night a delight. On top of this, we have some excellent drinks deals to make everything even better. This could be the package for you for a minimum of 15 hens, and it only costs $80 per person.

  1. You can make the night your own

Male Revue may set the night’s schedule; but, it is YOUR night and personalising it to your celebrations and your themes is a must. Think about those little touches that will make this party even more suited to you. You might be thinking nicknames added on to badges, hoodies or t-shirts, or you may decide you want to live the night out in a fancy dress. Even little extras like creating a Hens Night Survival Bag are an excellent touch to ensure all your girls’ needs are taken care of.

  1. Why Wait?

If you want to wait until you arrive at the club for the party to begin, of course, that is fine, but if you want to start early, here is a cheeky game idea to get the ball rolling;

Real or Fake– Before the party, ask the girls to come up with some facts about themselves. Two of which need to be accurate, and one needs to be completely made up. Taking turns, reveal the pieces of information and see if they can guess which is the lie. If they think correctly, she must take a drink. If the girls reveal the lie, she must drink instead.

  1. You’ll make epic memories

Most importantly, a night with these boys will be a night you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll find yourself reliving and laughing over stories and thinking fondly about your last night of freedom.

There You Have It

Now you know it all and understand why you should book a Australian male stripper. It’s simple: call our 24 hour hotline or book online to make sure you don’t miss out on the male stripper of your fantasies. We can help organise your party and discuss your options based on your group size and budget.  Hurry up; there is no time to delay! It’s time to speak to a member of the team and start making your dreams come true.


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