5 Things You Should Know Before Partying On A Hens Night Party Bus

When you are organizing a bachelorette party, a hens party bus hire has become the preferred option to make the most of your occasion. They not only ensure you have fun but make you feel like you’re on top of this world. And if you’re looking to be a little naughty on your special night, you can hire male strippers to make the night wilder and more adventurous. In the end, it’s meant to be a fun and memorable night.

Granted this has recently become a common trend in most parts of the world, here are important tips to know.


Party games have always been a great idea of keeping the night fresh and everyone engaged while enjoying the night. Besides, not everyone has the strength to party the entire night. Engaging in a couple of games can be the best chance for you to take a break while still bonding with your friends. Also, having sexy male strippers on board with you can add more sexiness into the mix. They are fun and a great way to spend one of your most memorable nights. Your hens night can never be complete without having strippers dance for you. 

Some of my favourite games for a hens night include: Truth or Dare, No Hands, Never Have I Ever, Pass The Dare, Hen Party Dares, The To-Do List and True or False. 


The fun part about partying on a hen party bus is that it’s basically a roaming club but without the disturbing dudes that creep up on you. Now is your chance to run wild and have fun like you don’t care. Of course, don’t overdo it. But you know what I mean.

Always remember you’re in a moving vehicle, so be cautious of injuring yourself.


Whether your favourite playlists include the 70s, 80s, 90s, or a mixture of all genres and ages, you get free control of the party bus’s music system. A party bus is designed to play tunes so loud. So, don’t be afraid to pump up the volume and be prepared to lose your voice on your night. 

You can also opt to do a bit of karaoke. It’s also a great way to get everyone engaged and having fun. So, throw on a bit of Beyoncé and sing to your heart’s pleasure.


Everyone knows it’s supposed to be an exciting night. But you also need to remember everyone needs to be ok and safe. This automatically means you shouldn’t disturb the bus driver. Most drivers are used to parties. So, it’s wise not to involve the driver with what you’re doing. Always remember things can change quickly and there could be a catastrophe. No one would want that.


I know it sounds cliché but very important to still remember. Ensure you drink to your limits. It’s supposed to be a fun night, not a drinking night. Drinking is essential but keep in mind that you’re on a moving bus and drinking too much could have some devastating consequences.

Anyway, always have fun on your night and make it a memorable one. If you don’t know where to find the best male strippers to rock your night, check out this: https://www.malerevue.com.au/.