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Hens, hens, hens! Let’s make some noise! Your bestie is about to get hitched, but not before one final blowout. The time is right, the male strippers are ready and all you need to do is take your pick of heavenly hunks because let us be honest, what is a bachelorette party without some naughty entertainment?

We know how difficult organising a party can be, let alone one of this magnitude. That’s where we step in. The pressure of sorting a venue, food and drinks, and entertainment can be super stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You have the ideas, and we have the know-how and together, we can make this the party of your dreams! Booking male strippers in Melbourne for any occasion is the cherry on the cake to turn something ordinary into something wild and wicked.

Irresistible looks, tick. Rock-hard abs, tick. Saucy charm, tick. Our boys really do have it all. But if this is the first time you’ve thought about hiring a male stripper, you’re likely to have some questions about what to include in your party and hopefully, below, you will have your answers.

male strippers melbourne


He’s got more than just the looks. Will boasts of a repertoire of electrifying dance moves that will leave all the women breathless just by watching. It’s even better when he starts getting up close and personal at your HENS PARTY.

This man is hotter than hell and sure to get any party started. This stud has such a passionate gaze and will melt the heart of your guests. He is dependable with different roles in performances at HEN’S PARTIES and events.


If you break the law, this man in uniform will arrest you in the sexiest way. With his ripped and chiselled ABS, he’ll take control of your party and serve you with intense and insanely hot moves that will make your heart beat hard.

Talk about sex appeal! Sean W is one of our most requested strippers and it’s not hard to see why. With a zest for life and commanding presence, ladies scream for this charming man to show them a little more performance every time.

Does anyone need water? It’s getting hot in here! If you’re looking for a hot hunk to sizzle up your next HENS PARTY or any event, then Blake is your guy! When Blake isn’t Maverick on our MAGIC MEN stage, he is one of our most requested private strippers!

If you need a dynamic performer with lots of energy to turn the party up a notch, then you’ve got the right guy. Jesse loves adventures the same as you do, and he knows how well to manage wild HEN PARTIES.


Be mesmerised by his blue eyes and stunning body. If you’re looking for someone who can make your party creative and the talk of the town, hire Marco to do his rendition of a prince, cowboy, and more.



Guaranteed to make the ladies smile from ear to ear when they watch him, he’s one man you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Let Ash Summers’ seductive presence fill your PRIVATE VENUE for all your girls to enjoy. You won’t be disappointed!

Get ready to be hanging on to the edge of your seat: Magic Men is bringing you Italy’s finest in Dante, the Italian Stallion, to send the ladies’ pulses racing into overdrive.




Logan can cater to any requests your HENS PARTY may have. 


He has mastered the moves of a policeman, tradie and fireman and my God, it’s hot! BOOK HIM now and have a memorable performance!


Looking for the perfect surprise for your bride-to-be or birthday girl? You can’t go wrong with Patrick. Make sure you have a fan ready- his body and face will make you feverishly hot.




Ossie’s striking presence will turn your night into something extraordinary and have all your girls falling at his feet. Let him bring his A-game and exotic moves for an unforgettable party your friends will rave about for years to come. 


Zeus is famous for his calm and cool personality and his swag as he makes his way onto the dance floor. He has his way of warming the hearts of every lady in town. So if you want a full package for your party – top-notch entertainment and a perfect conversationalist, he is the guy you should BOOK.

Strong and mysterious Francesco of MAGIC MEN is sure to get every single heart pounding as he enters the room. With ripped muscles and stunning features, ladies are sure to get lost in his eyes as he spends tender loving time entertaining them at every show.



Athletic and charming, Carlo P loves to entertain and gets the party started the moment he walks into a room with his sexy moves. His cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye make the ladies fall at his feet and his rock hard abs will be hard to keep your hands off. 



Ceaser of MAGIC MEN is a ray of sunshine, that will make your party sparkle. His lovable personality and top-notch performance is a killer combo in the industry. He knows just how to make you feel special and will give you the love and attention you’re looking for.


If a rugged-looking hunk has its charm to your hen’s heart – then look no further. Joseph knows how to tease the ladies with a sweet conversation and stellar service.





Leave the entertainment to Carlos and he’ll win the hearts of your guests with a top-notch performance. He has mastered the art of teasing and pleasing the ladies so expect a night of giggles and laughs. Enjoy full showmanship of lap dance and best cop performance you can watch and hear your guests scream for an encore!

If your looking for a stripper who’s not only gorgeous but also professional, classy, and charming, look no further than Josh! 





With kissable lips and boldface cut, your girlfriends will surely love him as company for your celebrations.

Invite David wherever your party may be, and he will be the only muscly guy you will ever need to transform the night. 


ceaser fireman stripper melbourne


Round up the girls and come spend a night at Melbourne’s hottest destination for girls night outs.

How can I make sure my party runs smoothly?

Making sure your hens party goes without a hitch is definitely a top priority. A lull could be detrimental to the evening and it can potentially be challenging to bring it back up to speed. There are, however,  measures you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Drinks drink drinks!

I’m sure when the flock arrives, they will be ready for a drink. When they do, prosecco is perfect for setting the party tone. Have these ready and your party has already started. Mixing the drink options up through the night will also add a tantalising twist.

The whole process of creating cocktails is fun. From researching them, buying suitable alcohol, mixing them up and of course, drinking them down. How about trying:

  • Raspberry Daiquiri – it’s not too complicated and sure to be a hit. All you need to do is mix five raspberries with two spoons of sugar in a mixing glass.  Add 50ml light rum and 25ml lime juice and a handful of ice. Shake together well. Strain before sharing into glasses and decorate each with a fresh raspberry.

Once the party is in full swing, shooters are great fun, either as a part of a game, or just because. Why not try these two super simple mixes:

  • A Black Rose –  Made from equal parts of strawberry liqueur and black vodka. Drizzle the vodka over the liqueur and watch how it majestically mixes.
  • Kamikaze – Mix 2 parts vodka, 1 part triple sec and one part lemon juice. It’s daring and dangerous but undeniably delicious!

Whilst the stripper is doing his thing, it’s super important to have some grab-and-go drinks for the ladies so they don’t miss anything. Maybe make a pitcher full of a yummy concoction or leave some bubbles that are chilled and ready to pour.

Get some top tunes playing.

Preparing a playlist before the night begins is one sure way to make sure the party starts as soon as the ladies arrive. Choose tracks to suit the kind of party you want, maybe ask the rest of the party for some of their favourites too. This will make sure the tunes work for everybody.

There is no need to worry about music for the main event, though. Your super sexy stripper will have that ready to go.

Arrange some fab games.

Preparing games before the party will ensure there isn’t time for a lull and the party stays in top gear. Some will need more prep than others, but it will be worth it when you see the group howling with laughter.  Here are two ideas, one for when the party is in full swing, and one for if the party needs a calmer 5 minutes;

Before the party, create some categories for the search, such as best item to use as a sex toy but isn’t, or the most raunchy item of clothing in the house. Split the girls into equal teams. When given the word ‘go,’ the flock must hunt high and low in the home for an item for each category. They will need to be creative but must have a reason for choosing that item. It is sure to be hilarious carnage!

  • This requires some pre-preparation. The hens must each write a short recount of their most naughty and uncomfortable experience. Anonymously, these will be pass on to the bride-to-be to read aloud. Believe me – you will be in hysterics trying to work out who wrote it and find out more details.


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