Male strip club just like Las Vegas, Except now it in BrisVegas AKA: Brisbane Qld

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There is a sizzle in the Las Vegas desert that keeps on going regardless of what the temperature is outside. It?s inside the Excalibur Hotel & Casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip, in the form (male that is) of Australia?s hottest export.

The internationally acclaimed Australian male revue show calls this nonstop, 90-minute, sensual journey “World Fantasy” and its charismatic troupe helps make fantasy become reality with the blink of an eye.

The troupe is performing to rave reviews and the ever-present screams of approval by women who are definitely feeling the heat when the handsome blokes with six-pack abs walk out on stage. This is when the room really starts to heat up.

As a tribute to the Excalibur, The show provides its own version of “a knight in shining armor”. Let?s just say once the armor is removed, the ladies in the audience are in a near frenzy.

But tickets now at:

A swashbuckling guy who is ready to steal your heart and pirate you off to your own private fantasy is yours for the viewing at Thunder. You might even consider walking the plank with him if it leads up on stage where you can share some “up close and personal” moments.

Do you like a man in uniform? Well, we have several. Fireman, GI or naval officer, they are here for the asking. Any of these gorgeous guys will be your hero when you see just what good shape they are in once they shed their uniforms.

Catch a look at our fireman and you?ll really know the meaning of being aflame with a burning desire. Once you see his electrifying performance you may never look at firefighters the same.

But, there is more. If you love dance and wish you could enjoy the disco days of the 70?s, break-dancing of the 80?s and be moving through the decades till the rap/hip-hop music of today, we?ve got you covered (or maybe more precisely, uncovered).

Named “Best Dancers” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper and show that they aren?t just your average run-of-the mill strippers.

More than six million women have seen the striking faces and physiques of the performers worldwide and they are still clamoring for more.